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Life is Strong / Life is Fragile

20120425-134229.jpgThis photo comes from my garden. I am so amazed by the beauty and simplicity of life. A very very small seed that has been enclosed in an envelope sometimes for years is able to grow like this zucchini in a few days !
In a time where most urban modern people have lost their deep connection with nature, this kind of tiny miracle of life can easily be overlooked. But it is repeated again and again everywhere on the surface of the globe.
When we think about organizations, maybe we ought to reflect a little more about the implications of this wonderful impulse that brings life. How many times do managers act as gardeners of social systems ? Do they see their task as a careful and patient taking care of life wherever it appears ?
I am not one of those people who consider nature as a kind of Goddess we have to revere. But I think that we’d better be cautious about what we do with (or often without !) her. Resilience also exist in people and in organizations, but if life is strong, it is also very fragile. There is a point of exhaustion and over-exploitation of our social eco-systems (be they communities, teams, families,…) after which coming back to a normal state is very costly.
Let’s not forget our responsibility in caring for life through our daily actions.