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Inspiring Books for 2013 – #1 : Permaculture, by David Holmgren

In 2012, five books have inspired me a lot. As you will see, they all relate to some key elements of a successful transition towards a new society. Let’s start with the first of them : David Holmgren, Permaculture, Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability


I have to say that it is the most inspiring book I have read in many years. Not only did I learn a lot about nature and its basic processes, but the book has so much wisdom embedded ! Holmgren, one of the fathers of Permaculture concept and practice, develops 12 core principles of the discipline, such as : Integrate rather than Segregate, Use Small and Slow solutions, Produce no waste, etc. Each principle is discussed through examples taken from a lifelong experience of growing food and animals in his Australian Melliodora farm but also through the most advanced therories of social systems.

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