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Nine Coaching Lessons from “The King’s Speech”

It’s been quite a while since I saw the beautiful movie “The King’s Speech“. Many comments have been made about this work, but I’d like to focus on nine lessons that this story gives us about the office of a coach.


1. Chose your field

Lionel Logue – Bertie’s (the future King George VI) coach – does not accept to go to the royal palace for the coaching sessions. He works in an environment he knows, and with the rules he sets. Sometimes, as coaches, we accept conditions (space, time,…) that we know we shouldn’t. Is this because we believe that the client is king ?

2. Aknowledge your mistakes

At some point in the movie, Logue pushes his client to an extreme. The scene is quite violent and the relationship seems to be broken. Only Logue’s deep and authentic humility (He tells the King : “I’ve been too far” ) can restore the confidence. It is only when we accept and do not hide our own limitations that we are believable as coaches.

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