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4 Tips for Keeping A Life Through Hard Times

A few days ago, I have formally put an end to a company that I have been fighting for over the last seven years. The last 18 months have been especially tough and I want to share here some insights I have discovered during that period of my life, where the spectrum of failure was every day over our heads.

1. Care for relationships

When everything seems to go wrong and hope is very weak about survival, there is one thing that can make the difference and it is everybody’s mood. I have been able to experience how hard it can be to wake up in the morning and to keep on smiling to all the people you are supposed to work with, especially when you live so personally the harshness of a difficult situation. But you can chose : without that smile, without caring for the persons around, life can become a nightmare. On the other hand, being sincerely present to others, making sure that they have a space to express their fears, their resentments, their despair, this creates a feeling that we are all sharing the same destiny. For us, one very little and simple way to do that has been to share every week a common meal where one different person would cook for the rest of the team. So, I think that being kind to people is not as much an ethical principle as a real survival habit when you are in dire straits.

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