I am a CEO. What is the benefit for me if we work together ?

  • You get a bunch of young leaders from all parts of your organization fully committed to your most important goals. You can give them tough assignments because they are coached and they are given powerful means to learn quickly.
  • You send a fundamental message to everybody : learning is key, which means that you allow your culture to move from silos to networks, from justification to entrepreneurship, from individualism to team spirit, from repeating to creating.

In your approach, where lies exactly your added value ?

  • I have more that 10 years of experience in doing this, which means that I have made some mistakes I can avoid you to make. It also means that my approach is tested and verified in different organizational settings.
  • I help you design your platform, suited to your needs, leveraging your ressources, teams and networks. At the same time, I will be challenging you, opening you up to possibilities or experiences you haven’t thought of.
  • I coach your teams (or your project manager and /or your coaches) both for success and for learning.
  • I help you chose the relevant tools for your purpose.

How do I start an action-learning platform ?

Well, there’s no such thing as reflecting on your past experiences (both successes and failures) and travelling a little bit to discover how others do it. But the key is to make explicit what you want. Then think about the people you would like to involve upfront in this process. Usually diagonal teams are great. Then give them the power !

Is your approach really different from consultancy or coaching of teams on strategic projects ?

I often think that “learning by doing” is great, but what most organizations need is really “doing by learning”. So many people only apply recipes without thinking about their own contexts, experiences, capabilities. Running projects with recipes doesn’t work on the long term. Action-learning approach not only deliver results, but it builds a sustainable capacity.

Is your approach really different from traditional executive MBAs or leadership development programs ?

MBAs bring great teachers or researchers. But think about this : most of the best thought-leading material is available for free online for everybody. So, where’s the real value added of Executive programs ?
Then these programs sometimes allow students to work on team projects. But most of the time, it is just “case studies” or artificial projects created for the sake of the program. One of the simplest way to become a leader is to be offered real-life leadership challenges. This is what action-learning platforms are all about.