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So-called Rules

With my friend and colleague Sanna Tossavainen, we have created a new theory. We call it the SCR (So Called Rules) theory. It goes like this :

Rules are given to allow the teams to find their own rules.

We created this rule on May, 15th 2014 in Chatelaillon-Plage, while coaching a Teampreneurs program led by a Poult and Lippi joint team.

We proudly believe that SCR theory is highly powerful 🙂

What do you think ?

Three Articles on Pope Francis Leadership (in French)

For French readers, a series of 3 articles I published in Les Echos Le Cercle about the leadership of Pope Francis

  1. François leader dès les premières minutes (11/20/13)
  2. François, un leadership simple et direct (11/24/13)
  3. François ou gouverner sur l’essentiel (12/2/13)


Prejudices – Three Ways to Alter Them

Last week, I have been struck by how prejudice could bring someone to misleading judgements about another person. In what was supposed to be a learning journey, a top executive of the visiting company totally invalidated the person of the welcoming CEO. In a private conversation with his team after the visit, this leader attributed to the CEO illegitimate reasons for his efforts to free up his organization. “He is only interested in money” was more or less the tone of his critique. And that was it. Having worked for years with that particular CEO, this came really as a shock to me, since I had been able to testify in many occasions the authentic commitment he has towards people. How can someone form so fast such a radical judgement ? Can this be avoided ?

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Inspiring books for 2013 : #5 – Your Money or Your Life, by Joe Dominguez & Vicki Robin

This post will be the last of the “Inspiring Books for 2013” series.

YourMoneyNo, Your Money or Your Life is not a thriller. It is not a typical self-help book with the “seven steps” or “ten rules” for managing your money either. Even when the book describes a path for achieving financial independence, it seems to me that it is just a pearl of practical wisdom.

Sure, in order to grab all the benefits of this book, you will need to put into practice the exercises and observations that the authors suggest. Nevertheless, aside from very useful advice, they will have you re-think your relationship with money, with your life objectives, with your paid salary, with the true value of your expenses, etc.

The authors never preach but rather they instill you smart and deep questions and have you revisit some of the main assumptions that drive our societies. So, in a way, I would say that Your Money of your Life is a highly political book, since it proposes a concrete path to free ourselves from a very common and addictive pattern consisting of overspending, overdebt and overwork. I learned a lot in this book and I hope you will find it inspiring too.

PS : Never hesitate to buy a used version 😉

Inspiring Books for 2013 – #2 : Money and Sustainability, The Missing Link, by Bernard Lietaer


The second inspiring book I would like to comment here is Money and Sustainability : The Missing Link, written by Bernard Lietaer, Sally Goerner and Stefan Brunnhuber. This is a report published by the European Chapter of the Club of Rome.

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A Company That Does Not Belong to Anybody

Last week, I attended the World Forum in Lille. All the event was remarkable (and I’ll come back to it in other posts), but I have been impressed by a small and well-hidden nugget : the unique governance of a family business, Leroux Chicory.

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