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Success is Peace of Mind

For many of you, the name of Coach John Wooden will sound familiar. For others, like me, it was a very recent discovery I made thanks to my friend Isaac Getz. Wooden UCLA basketball team coach has one of the … Continue reading

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Teams at the Top > 3 Insights from the Field

        In January, I have been given the opportunity to work three top teams of 10.000+ people companies. Though in very different businesses (telecom, agrobusiness and services), I could sense similarities in the way that the members … Continue reading

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Your Enemy Has a Heart Too

Six months ago, I read a remarkable book about Mandela’s leadership : Mandela’s Way, written by Richard Stengel. The thing that most impressed me in Madiba’s life is the fact that, when he was in jail, he learned Afrikaans, the … Continue reading

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Three Articles on Pope Francis Leadership (in French)

For French readers, a series of 3 articles I published in Les Echos Le Cercle about the leadership of Pope Francis François leader dès les premières minutes (11/20/13) François, un leadership simple et direct (11/24/13) François ou gouverner sur l’essentiel … Continue reading

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Dare to Depend on Others !

As a leader, one of the biggest errors you can make is to believe that you can be self-sufficient. In a world where it seems that the highest virtue is to be independant, this can appear as a paradox. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Social and Emotional Skills – A Video from Edutopia

Look at this video, it is just great ! It comes from Edutopia, the George Lucas Educational Video. (this is my first “advertising” post…)

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The Times, They Are A-Changing ?

Last week, I had a look at this video against gas fracking near New York City made by Yoko Ono, her son Sean Lennon and others. I could not help thinking about a recent documentary I saw about the last … Continue reading

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Inspiring Books for 2013 – #3 : Managing Flow, I. Nonaka

All right. This is not the kind of books you want to read in the subway or in a café. It is academic, and probably made for academics (its price also is for academics…). But I think its main ideas … Continue reading

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Bring On the Revolution of Capitalism !

Recently, I came across this speech of Peter Bakker, the President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The former CEO of TNT, now leading this organization with more than 200 corporate members, pledges for a revolution of … Continue reading

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Three Paths to Management Innovation (HCL, Hervé Thermique, Morning Star)

One of the conferences of the World Forum in Lille was named “Management 2.0”. Three companies – HCL, Morning Star and Hervé Thermique – shared their view on what it means to be an open, freedom-based or democratic company. As … Continue reading

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