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Must watch

No comment is needed. Everything is said (and showed) there ! (video from David Marquet Former Nuclear Submarine Commander)

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Voici mon dernier post > Des leaders, pa

Voici mon dernier post > Des leaders, pas des coaches ! – Une confusion fréquente dans la #libération d’entreprise >

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So-called Rules

With my friend and colleague Sanna Tossavainen, we have created a new theory. We call it the SCR (So Called Rules) theory. It goes like this : Rules are given to allow the teams to find their own rules. We … Continue reading

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Leaders’ Manifesto

It will be translated into English, but here is a link to a Manifesto we wrote : “What are the leaders we need ?” >

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Success is Peace of Mind

For many of you, the name of Coach John Wooden will sound familiar. For others, like me, it was a very recent discovery I made thanks to my friend Isaac Getz. Wooden UCLA basketball team coach has one of the … Continue reading

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Teams at the Top > 3 Insights from the Field

        In January, I have been given the opportunity to work three top teams of 10.000+ people companies. Though in very different businesses (telecom, agrobusiness and services), I could sense similarities in the way that the members … Continue reading

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Your Enemy Has a Heart Too

Six months ago, I read a remarkable book about Mandela’s leadership : Mandela’s Way, written by Richard Stengel. The thing that most impressed me in Madiba’s life is the fact that, when he was in jail, he learned Afrikaans, the … Continue reading

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Three Articles on Pope Francis Leadership (in French)

For French readers, a series of 3 articles I published in Les Echos Le Cercle about the leadership of Pope Francis François leader dès les premières minutes (11/20/13) François, un leadership simple et direct (11/24/13) François ou gouverner sur l’essentiel … Continue reading

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Dare to Depend on Others !

As a leader, one of the biggest errors you can make is to believe that you can be self-sufficient. In a world where it seems that the highest virtue is to be independant, this can appear as a paradox. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Never Forget Lateral Learning

In a recent session with teams of Intrapreneurs from Group Poult (European leader in Private Label biscuits), we asked to some participants to illustrate through their experience what co-creation with customers really meant. The result was brilliant. We first heard … Continue reading

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