What do I do ?

I have two fields of expertise : Action-Learning Design and Team Coaching.


I help design action learning platforms – within a particular organization or cross-organizations (e.g. projects, learning programs, communities of practice,…)

  • totally embedded with strategic intiatives
  • leveraging identified or potential leaders’ energy and entrepreneurship
  • blending deep learning and powerful action
  • always through teams


I coach :

  • either teams directly
    especially when involved in action-learning platforms
  • or team coaches

My coaching is directed on both team performance and team learning.

Some recent examples :

  • Design and coaching of an executive program for “high potential” leaders in a 10,000 people international company. Participants are also responsible for delivering results on a strategic global project.
  • Design and coaching of “learning teams”. Experience with both performance projects (for instance, lean  initiatives in plants) and existing management teams.
  • Design and coaching of “learning experiences” with strategic intention. For instance, discovery expeditions to Finland and to San Francisco for teams of 15-20 people.
  • Design and coaching of cross-organizations learning teams (for example : SME CEOs committed to transform their companies towards more freedom and autonomy for the employees).
  • Creation of a radically innovative educational program for young people and coaching of entrepreneurs.