So-called Rules

With my friend and colleague Sanna Tossavainen, we have created a new theory. We call it the SCR (So Called Rules) theory. It goes like this :

Rules are given to allow the teams to find their own rules.

We created this rule on May, 15th 2014 in Chatelaillon-Plage, while coaching a Teampreneurs program led by a Poult and Lippi joint team.

We proudly believe that SCR theory is highly powerful 🙂

What do you think ?

2 thoughts on “So-called Rules

  1. charlesvanderhaegen

    The spirit of Team Academy continues to inspire you, and I am so happy for that… Laurent and Sanna.
    Rules are there to break if they are created to protect vested interests, perpetuate the past, and put obstacles for creativity, innovation and the evolutionary path of all life.
    Rules in evolutionary theory provides, as you seem to propose, sufficient structure. They should however take the form of ever evolving “guidelines”, for people to create the future, without renegating the good things of the past..
    Am I on the right track?


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