Enjoyment is Key to Learning

A few weeks ago, I had a very good meeting at APM (a French community of 5000 leaders) to help them framing new learning approaches for their members. It was very interesting to me because I have had few opportunities to express all what I know and what I sense about the topic. It was as if the meeting helped me going through all the theories and practices discovered and experienced over the last 10 years to try to formulate my own synthesis. J. Dewey, P. Freire, K. Lewin, M. Polanyi, I. Nonaka, I. Cunningham, P. Senge, D. Schön, C. Argyris, P. Carré… all these authors came in the conversation at the right time, but what was really key to me (and somehow new) was the importance of enjoyment when it comes to learning. If we do not reconnect with that (childish ?) kind of fun when we are engaged in a learning activity, then I doubt that we do more than just consolidating what’s already there, instead of living the Aha ! that comes with deep learning.

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