Bullshitting Customers is Dangerous

Horrible customer experience last week at my Mercedes agency. I am renting a car there for nearly 4 years. To be precise, my contract is a 48 months one. When I suscribed this contract, I also asked for an assistance contract in order to plan better my maintenance expenses.

What happened ? I discovered last week that my assistance contract lasts only 47 months…and not 48 like my car !!! Which means practically that instead of having my costs covered normally by my contract, I had to pay more than 500 euros for the maintenance and the repair of the air conditioning that had some problems.

With a beautiful “commercial” smile, the Mercedes representative told me that “it [was] really a pitty !”, especially given the fact that had I made this visit 12 days before then I would not have to pay anything.

Sometimes I have a feeling that Umair Haque is overstating his criticisms towards what capitalism has become. But in cases like this one, I can only accept that what he calls “zombie economy” is pervasive. Has a brand like Mercedes any intention to survive in 21st century, while behaving like this with its customers ??? People don’t like being bullshitted. I don’t like it either. And I will tell it to that company very simply : just by stopping buying from it.

For all of us a WARNING : before trying to recruit new customers, are we sure that we behave in a way that will keep our current customers loyal ? It all depends on our consistency in delivering what we have promised them.

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