Welcoming Life as a Flow

Last week, I had a wonderful day in London. It is not only that I enjoy so much being in this creative city,  but as I came back home I realized that the deep reason for my satisfaction lied in the fact that I just trusted life and accepted its flow.

It all started when I read Henry Steward’s book “Relax !” (which I strongly recommend to you). At the end of the book, Henry gives his mobile number and his mail – writing “yes, this is my personal phone and my personal email”. Reading this, it just felt right to write to him immediately so as to know if it would be possible to translate the book into French. We made an appointment and I was in his (happy) office two weeks later. On the same day, Ben Betts from Curatr also made it possible to meet in a bar of St Pancras station. I suspected that there was something very special in this learning community software (I was right). Coming back in the Eurostar, I also had a good conversation with a young French guy seated in front of me, who just started his program at London Business School with a very inspiring team game across the city. These three experiences were somehow so related, mutually reinforcing, that this whole day – though very… relaxed – seemed so intense.

Now, you may say that this is “normal business” or “opportunism”, or also the proof that English people are more open than the French . Maybe…But this simplicity and speed of action seems to be so rare in most organizations. It is always so painful even to have people supposed to collaborate gathering in the same room, because of overloaded agendas or lack of willingness to work together.

That’s one of the main reason for the lasting success of “liberated companies” : bureaucracy has been removed. Instead of a world of impossible things, they generate a world of possibilities. Some of these impossibilities come from the systems that organisations elaborate, but most of the time it seems hard to aknowledge that they are INSIDE us. If only we could be aware of all the good reasons that we have to prevent us to act !!! It might be our planning habit, a concern for our reputation, the fear to lose control,…This little experience reinforced the belief that it is only when you trust your intuition that you can have a creative life. Because this is the only way to be in the flow and care enough to welcome life’s generosity towards us. Does this relate to your experience ?

(PS / Of course, many people have talked about this more deeply and systematically ! I recommend to you these two very good books : Sinchronicity, The Inner Path of Leadership by J. Jaworsky and Flow, The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)

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3 Responses to Welcoming Life as a Flow

  1. RalfLippold says:

    Hi Laurent, great start with your blog 🙂

    Keep on moving!

  2. I love what you say, dear Laurent.

    I also had this incredible impression, especially so in Amsterdam last week.
    It was overwhelming. Now I have experienced myself what is meant by Hagel, Seely Brown and Davidson, in their Book “The Power of Pull”, when they speak of “The Highest level of Pull”.
    An excellent, breakthrough book is a real companion: when you read it first, you only scratch the surface, but if you are patient, and consistent, and you work on yourself, you will progress, and read it again, and progress further, and read it again … it will deliver its secrets only in proportion of the progress that you make on the path towards achieving your fullest potential.

    Synchronicity and serendipity are different phenomena. I believe in both.
    Cheers Laurent

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